Linda El Shami

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Started as an artist focusing primarily
on charcoal and oil portraits, which was marketed through my own gallery.
BSc. from the American University
of Sharjah in Visual communications.
My career moved from advertising at Bates Pangulf agency to branding with Enterprise IG. currently I am the design director
at august group branding and strategy.
Born in the United Arab Emirates, with
a great knowledge of the culture and the nature of the country.

The Identity below was the re-branding AbuDhabi Culture and Heritage.
The concept is “togetherness” and the design was an inspiration of the Emirati Ayalla dance. Young men stand next to each other and move with
a stick. It is also to portray that culture is about people, past, present and future.
The mark later was developed into a visual language using various media like charcoal, watercolor, and ink to emphasize that culture is about the art and creativity of a nation. This was done during me tenure at Enterprise IG.

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