DAKAKIN visual project

Exhibition and performances

11 mars 2010
13 mars 2010

Curator Waheeda Malullah

Dakakin Exhibition, the theme of the project is to create art on site Souq Al Manama, one of Bahrain’s oldest markets. I have selected 20 different locations of abandoned shops, buildings and street corners with an aim to revive these locations with art. In Arabic “dakakin” means shops; the Dakakin project will transform existing shops with new names and shapes to produce contemporary visual art.

Dakakin-Visual-Projects_poster.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

Dakakin: Our shops/our possessions are us, hence, this project of launching Dakakin aims to undertake non-conventional ideas and visions from a group of young artists. The location of the Manama Souq was selected to display a visual product in a commercial venue. However, the art works are products that money can not buy. Let our distinctive art achievements be the treasure without specific standard for what it should or should not be. Each artist will select his/her own concept for exploration through their artwork.

The Dakakin exhibit aspires to bring multiple themes together in different and exciting ways. Artists will express their perspectives on many themes through modern constructive artwork such as murals, photography (digital or traditional) or installation mediums.

Let these – modern Dakakin- using modern shops as our gateway, spark a trend that encourages ideas and creativity. Our art will provide other languages capable of contributing to future generations of ideologists and visionaries.


Ahmed Anan
Osama Dawod
Engy Aly
Aya Tarek
Hassan Al Haiki
Hassan Al Saari
Hooria Mansoor
Dalia Elmardi
Rizami Annuar
Zahra Khamis
Saeed Mansoor
Shather Al Weswasi
Mohammed Al Mahdi
Maha Al Sahaf
Mariam Haji
Maysam Al Nasser
Nader Ameeruddin
Noel De Juan
Yossra Al Banaa