Reloading Images Damascus | Work in Progress 2008

4 week workshop

24 sept 2008
21 oct 2008

Locations: Teatro Damascus, Project Space Afif, Goethe Institute Damascus, Gallery Mustafa Ali

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Reloading Images is an artistic research project with public workshops, talks and screenings, work presentations and publications, taking place in Damascus from April-October 2008, involving Syrian and international artists and researchers, who work collectively on the form and content of the project. In October 2008 they are coming together for a 4 week workshop in Damascus. In December 2008, the results of the project will be published in printed form. As a project based on the cooperation of artistic groups and institutions on an international scale, RELOADING IMAGES Damascus provides an open platform and network for an interdisciplinary dialogue, as well as for future collaborations to emerge.

RELOADING IMAGES includes lectures, workshops and screenings by RAQS Media Collective (Delhi), UEBERMORGEN.COM (Vienna), Akram Zaatari (Beirut), Orwa Nyrabia (Damascus) Marie Elias (Damascus) WU MING 4 (Bologna), WE INSIST (Paris, Malmo, Stockholm) among others.

Please consult the website www.reloadingimages.org for more information