Skin of the City

Brody Neuenschwander

13 sep 2007
18 nov 2007

For the project “Skin of the City” at Memling in St.Jan, Bruges, Belgium, Brody Neuenschwander has made two impressive installations mixing video and calligraphic paintings. The installations are set up in the attic of the Old Hospital.

Brody Neuenschwander, SKIN, 2007 -

In the former nurses dormitory one can see the video-installation “SKIN”. Neuenschwander wrote a multi-language libretto for which he used texts of tattoos that have been put on music by composer Jeroen D’hoe. In the libretto the place of the tattoo on the body is also mentioned and thus body, text and music enter into a very original dialogue.

In the large Diksmuide Hall Neuenschwander shows also a series of enormous paintings, using the motto “Meditation/Medication”. Now and again a word from the libretto from the video installation can be read in the paintings as well. The installation of the paintings in the impressive ridge of the hall (after a concept by Neuenschwander and Edith Doove), points to classic painted ceilings and thus commands a very different, more intense way of looking and experiencing.

The installation of the complete exhibition was made by architect Koen Bovée. The video installation will travel to the GGG Gallery in Tokyo, Japan in March 2008.

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