Calligraphic Innovations

18 mei 2010
17 jun 2010

Four creative Arab calligraphers:
Issam Abdul Alfattah was born in 1952 in Egypt.
Mounir Alshaarani was born in Syria 1952.
Tagelsir Hassan was born in 1954 in Sudan.
Wissam Shawkat was born in Iraq in 1974.

CalligInnov.jpg - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

Unlike the predominantly traditional and ancestral exhibitions that only show the improvement of the Ottoman’s “Tajweed”, this exhibition comes as a pleasant opportunity to present Arabic calligraphy as an innovative and sophisticated art and to show that this art form doesn’t require a fancy cloak to acquire the status of modernity. Rather, it needs a conscious approach to its essence of beauty and structure, with the advance of a critical spirit with a liberal and creative imagination that transcends it into originality whose core threads are its aesthetic structure and the loom are the outlines that bring the arts together.