Salman Alhajri

New horizon in my art

Salman_Alhajri.jpg - Salman Alhajri

2005 Sydney

I like to introduce myself as artist, designer, and researcher in the field of art and design. I am an Omani PhD student holding a Master Degree in design from UTS, Sydney, Australia and Bachelor degree in Art Education from Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. I do my art and design practice using several approaches such as painting, drawing, and graphic design. I seek to communicate with others in a variety of different mediums and techniques. The most important elements in my works are innovation, color harmony, simplicity, and composition.

In this web page (portfolio) I display some of my recent design artwork. The main theme in these artworks is Arabic calligraphy. I prefer Arabic writing because of its great and unique abilities of shapes manipulate which can appear in diverse Compositions. Also, Arabic writing is related directly to my identity and my cultural background. That will enable me to convey Arabic and Islamic civilization to others.

I tend to practice in this area in order to find new techniques of creating design artworks based in Arabic writing by utilizing new media practices such as Illustrator and Photoshop.