Folding glyphs sketches 1

Made on the plane flying returning from Dubai to Amsterdam 03/22/2009

SplitFlap_sketch001.jpg -

Dear Naji and Hisham,

Based on the genius remark of Hisham, to fold each letter or glyph, I had a flow of inspiration on the flight back. Based on our original concept, but also of locations discussed (add the roundabouts in the empty desert), I made a bunch of sketches.

Each glyph is placed on two squares, into a narrow rectangle. They fold 90 degrees any direction into two perpendicular squares. A letter form can be positive/solid (welded or laser cut) when attached with connectors to its holing frame or negative/cut out (like a stencil form). We might think of a wide variation, for horizontal use. Possible materials, almost anything: metal, concrete, wire, cardboard, wood.

These elements (two perpendicular squares) can stand or hang in any position, up or sideways. They can be building blocks for constructions, fences, or whatever. Basically they can be applied to any scale as well.
Their appearance offer also a graphic representation in printable fonts (with all of their combination possibilities).

The fonts can used separate and/or split. They can mix in appearance and language. The only thing we should watch out for with this idea is any comparing with other structural proposals)

Well, take a look at the sketches, and maybe you can come up with more and new ideas.

In the next few days I will post material for the presentation as well as these sketches. But they're for you first...

Take care!