Pouya Jahanshahi

Art Institute of California, San Diego

Instructor: Art Institute of California, San Diego
MFA Graphic Design Student San Diego State University, United States

Pouya Jahanshahi is currently teaching part time at the Art Institute of California, San Diego, while studying towards his MFA in Graphic design at State University in Southern California. His focus is usage and fusion of Farsi typography in conjunction with Latin typography, as well other multi-lingual typographic issues.

He received his MA from California State University of Fullerton in Graphic design in 2004, where he explored the semiotics of imagery presenting his thesis research project “Anatomy of a visual message”. In addition explored typography in motion in his secondary thesis project in Title sequence design.

He previously held position as assistant professor of graphic design at Chapman University (Orange, California), as well teaching at numerous colleges and universities such The Art Institute, Platt College, University of California Irvine Long Beach City College and California State University Fullerton, amongst others.

While being the past AIGA - Orange County's Educational Chair, he has been a regular participant at AIGA’s Schools of Thoughts Conferences as well as other related events. Mr. Jahanshahi is also a member of IGDS (Iranian Graphic Design Society).

In addition, Mr. Jahanshahi is the principal owner of Source One Design, acting as a freelance Art director. His past and present clients include National Semi
Conductors (NSC), AquaTek Inc., Stanley Electric and Chanteh Interior Designs to name a few.

He is a volunteer at local non-profit organization such as The Laguna Greenbelt and MTO Printing. His hobbies and activities include Persian calligraphy, letterpress printing and concrete poetry.

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