Eyad Al-Samman

A typographer, translator, and graphic designer.

Arabic Typefaces - Several Arabic typefaces designed by Eyad Al-Samman (myfonts.com). Eyad Al-Samman

Eyad Al-Samman is a graphic designer, typographer, and translator. He was born in Sana'a city, Yemen. Eyad has a bachelor degree in electrical engineering and working officially as a senior specialist in Yemen. He has started working as a graphic designer since 1999 and discovered the magic world of typography in the mid-2000s. His first designed typeface is “Loyolliams” in 2005. His designs for other Arabic, Latin, and Cyrillic fonts have followed in the subsequent years. Among his other typefaces are "Alfarooq", "Castile", "Samman", "Nasser", "Zawiya", and "Eyadish."

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