Dan Dimmock, FRSA

Managing Partner at 85Fifteen

Dan Dimmock -

Dan is known for his strong views on brand positioning, collective consciousness, and the responsibilities of business. He has been consulting in this space for twenty years, working with institutions and corporations around the world — some for long periods, others for commissions or one-off specialist advice. As one of the Arab region’s first advocates of Purpose, Dan continues to be a prominent voice in raising the standards of branding and sustainability. A recognised Brand Leader by the World Brand Congress, he has picked up several awards along the way, citing contributions to Action for Children, ZMZM Society for Voluntary Healthcare in Saudi Arabia, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), as well as the governments of Bhutan, Singapore, and UAE.

Contact information

  • Dan Dimmock
  • Firstwater Advisory FZ LLC
  • PO Box 487177
  • Dubai
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