Brevon sessions

August 26, Etalante, France

Naji and Max matching closer with their StoryLine™ font

DSCF6011.jpg -

On August 26, Naji visited Max at his rural farm in Etalante, Côte d'Or, France for a work session to match the Arabic and Latin of their StoryLine™ font. Unfortunately Hisham couldn't make it in the end, due to his schedule, travelling to one city every day taht week. We set up our TTM studio in the the shade of the barn, doors wide open. Since we thought we were in th eright direction, the intension of this session was to figure out a way to deal with the Arabic baseline within the rectangular space and related to the compactness of the Latin. This would have to satisfy the minimal requirements for the legibility of the Arabic and the aesthetic appearance related to the Latin. On the other hand, the Latin needed to show a wider variation or less rigidness in its appearance.
The key seemed to be in lowering the baseline to the bottom stroke. In Arabic it would provide space to embed inverted accents and mark when. In Latin it would connect the letters of a word, as in a written script. Mixing the capitals and lowercase letters would provide more variety in shape and rhythm.