H. Bengisu Kubra

"And" - Arabic letter "waw"... It is also used as conjunction "and" in Arabic language... It is called the letter of love for it is the place of meeting between things; if it wasn't for waw things would not be able to come together. Hence, it is the letter of love in Islamic calligraphy.

I am a writer and artist from Turkey. Although I live far away from there now, culture of Turkey, and Middle East in general, influences my works a lot. Yet I am influenced by many other cultures and artistic works, from Celtic knots to American poetry.

I am not a traditionalist - I am opposed to clear cut definitions, styles and perspectives on art. I believe calligraphy is an unfortunate art in this respect; it is oppressed by those who want to limit it with strict and definite boundaries, which I reject for the sake of creativity that is the mother of all arts. I always try to touch to deeper meanings and concepts with my works, I always try to come up with something different; I am not afraid of diversity and difference in arts, I welcome it.

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