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MARHAMI BOOKATZ + KURDI Gallery is the brainchild of close friends and partners, Fa'iz Marhami, Karen Bookatz and Noël Kurdi--who are, respectively, Palestinian, Jewish and Saudi Arabian--and is intended to serve as an artistic platform for progressive ideas about identity, culture and politics. The gallery is of the 'pop-up' variety, meandering its way around the multifarious neighborhoods of New York City--conspicuously evocative of the nomadic identities of Middle Eastern cultures and religions. MBK will exclusively showcase Arab, Israeli, Islamic, Jewish and Persian-themed contemporary artwork.

Fa'iz is also a Principal at Marhami Beyg |Co., an emerging force in the worlds of art, architecture, literature and design. The firm continuously challenges certain boundaries which exist at the forefront of contemporary cultural dialogue, through close ties with journalists, curators, and influentials who shape opinions about these fields. Marhami Beyg | Co. elevates the client's work beyond the plane of mere commercialism focusing rather on broader social and cultural contexts. Their own multifaceted cultural backgrounds and extensive professional experience allow Marhami + Beyg to create integrated, synergistic campaigns, timetables, business strategies and public relations programmes which are bespoke to meet their individual client's needs.

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