Artistic Transformations

3 Sep 2012
2 Oct 2012

A month of workshops centered around collaborative processes, we would like to offer a platform for physical and intellectual change and exchange

Transmutations — Artistic Transformations - Caram Kapp

Change sings. It transforms the old into new. It draws in public space.

Activists, Artists and youth are invited to the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg to discover cultural similarities and explore them in depth in this month of workshops centered around collaborative processes. Three one-week workshops offer a platform through Choral Singing, Street Art and instrument building.

Website: http://springlessons.org/transmutations/

03.09 — 09.09 Choral Elsha3b | The Peoples Choir with Salam Yousry
We start out loud.
The Choir Project, led by Salam Yousry, is a platform that gives you the space to
be vocal about the little and large troubles of life. More than just a choir, it is a week of improvisation, songwriting and turning the humdrum, or revolutionary into song.
Performance: Sep. 09

17.09 — 23.09 Drawing Revelations with Bassem Yousri

A workshop on cultures of symbolism and cultural stereotype that takes the play "Signs, Rituals and Revelations" by Sa'adallah Wannus as a basis for an exploration of the varying visual semantics found in different cultures.

23.09 — 02.10 The Instruments of Life with Ahmad Al-Sawy

A workshop that takes the discarded and gives it a new sound. Recycling trash into musical instruments and performing with them, the participants are invited to create and discover their very own, personal voice.
Performance: Oct. 02


This event is kindly supported by the Goethe Institute, the Theresia- Zander Stiftung and the Theater Aufbau Kreuzberg