Nadia Aamer

“The challenge is not in finding new things to do, but finding different ways to look at the same thing”.

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Nadia began her career after graduating in Graphic Arts from National College of Arts in Lahore Pakistan. She moved to London in 2005 to pursue a postgraduate degree in design from Central Saint Martins, London, UK. Her highly acclaimed Vlogumentary/Viral was exhibited live at the OXO Tower in London and subsequently viewed around the world on the web.

Over the years Nadia has built a knowledge pool for her practice and experiments on cognitive psychology, persuasion, interaction design, brand development, female culture, viral and experiential marketing. She is the author of Viral Juice, a blog on current trends and contagious ideas.

In 2009, Nadia launched a web journal on design and cultural trends. It investigates and reports on the rising popularity and uniqueness that creates and drives Dubai.

Nadia lives and works in Dubai at 3Points as an associate creative director. The company has recently been included in the top 100 Fast Growth companies in Saudi Arabia. Nadia believes that a true global economy means being a citizen of the world and exposing yourself to as many different cultures as you can, while continuously regenerating yourself.

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