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Today's Arab comics artists

I got this in my inbox: Deadline is end of july.

I am writing to you on behalf of Stéphane Beaujean, member of Angoulême International Comics Festival's art programme board (41st Edition from 30 January — 2 February 2014). We are now planning an important community show about Arabian comics and the contemporary scene in particular.

fauve-prix-bdalter - Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

We are working on several leads and before we decide on artistic options, we would like to take a look that would be as complete as possible on today's Arab comics artists.

We are trying by the end of July to take an inventory of as many projects, artists and works as possible. Thus we are getting in touch with you to get a short biography and bibliography, along with links and documents regarding your art. Also, we thank you in advance to spread the word to your fellow artists.

Should you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to ask us.
We thank you most warmly for your support and quick answer, and we hope to work with you in the future.

Yours sincerly,

Gaëtan Akyüz--
Programmation artistique

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