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Khatt Newsletter: Oct/Nov 2015

October and November are teaming with design events in Europe, the US and the Middle East.
Below are some highlight, you may want to visit the nearest to you.

KHTT_OCT-NOV_2015 - Type design sketch and outlines by Khajag Apelian, for the Khatt Foundation type design workshops at Tashkeel this Fall 2015. KhaJag Apelian



In the Netherlands
Graphic Design Festival Breda 2015
until 25 October
Dutch Design Week 2015
until 25 October
31 October
Philippe Apeloig – Using Type
31 October—24 January 2016

In Spain
—Typo Cultura Árabe
28 October in Madrid
29 October in Cordoba

In Dubai
until 31 October
Modular Arabic Letters
27 October @ Dubai Design Week
Iconic City: Brilliant Beirut
until 31 October @ Dubai Design Week
Escaping Flatland
until 30 October @ Dubai Design Week

In California, USA
Local/Not Local 2015
20 October—3 December

In London
Nour Festival of Arts
20 October—8 November


In Dubai
Monumental 11/11, Exhibition
11 November 2015—7 January 2016
Arabic Type Design for Beginners 2015, A Khatt Foundation workshop
12—18 November 2015
Advanced Arabic Type Design 2015, A Khatt Foundation workshop
12—18 November 2015

In Kuwait
THE COPY/PASTE SYNDROME : Tapping into the notion of creative integrity
(The Nuqat Creative Conference 2015)
12—18 November 2015
A Designer’s Dream, Exhibition: Design Work Retrospective by Hilmi Al-Tuni
13—18 November 2015 @ Nuqat Conference
Book Signing | Hilmi Al-Tuni, Book signing in Kuwait
13 November 2015 @ Nuqat Conference
Constant Caricature, An exhibition of the work of political cartoonist Ali Ferzat
12 November —12 December 2015
JAMM Art Gallery, Exhibition of contemporary calligraphy by Iranian artist Salar Ahmadian
12 November —12 December 2015

In Doha, Qatar
By the Pen and What They Write: Writing in Islamic Art and Culture
7–9 November 2015

In London
7 November 2015, part of the Nour Festival of Arts

In Abu Dhabi
Warehouse 421, Opening and Cultural Weekend
19–21 November 2015

In Cairo
The Egyptian Surrealists in Global Perspective, An international conference
26–28 November 2015

In Spain (Granada & Cordoba)
Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib, Andalusia Workshop
26 November — 3 December 2015
Please remember to check for updates and new events next month. Send us any events near you or that you have organized and would like to share with the rest of the community. Enjoy! and stay creative and inspired., editor