Reza Bakhtiarifard

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The Iranian-born typographer and graphic designer Reza Bakhtiarifard has a passion for the Arabesque, which inspired him in youth to study graphic design. His profound interest in Arabic calligraphy lead him to focus in depth on the typographic projects during his studies and later on in his professional career. While Reza Bakhtiarifard was undertaking typeface design theory and workshop courses at the “Vije Institute of Visual Communication” in Tehran, Iran (2009-2014), he came under the mentorship and instruction of Damoon Khanjanzadeh; one of Iran’s talented and noted typographers and calligraphers. Beside his digital proficiency in Farsi and Arabic typography, he practices calligraphy in the Moalla, Thuluth and Nastaliq styles. Reza Bakhtiarifard has been acknowledged through various Iranian and internationally recognized awards; such as the “First Prize, The Moalla Script Calligraphy Award” at The Tehran Quran Exhibition, 2008 and “The Excellence Award for Typeface Design” at The Silk Road Biennial Competition, China, 2016.