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 Mina Massoumi (b. 1985, Tehran, Iran) is an artist, calligrapher, and designer based in Tehran. She is a graduate of Persian Literature from Zanjan University, and holds two Mumtaz-level exellence degrees in Nastaliq and Shekasteh-Nastaliq from the Society of Iranian Calligraphists. In her calligraphy, she derives inspiration from traditional Persian and Arabic schools and styles, illuminated manuscripts, religious texts and historical Quran manuscripts, classical Persian literature, Middle Eastern carpet designs and patterns, Iranian and Islamic architecture, Persian Miniature, to more modern techniques and movements such as Qajar-era lithography, Saqqakhaneh school, and contemporary illustration. In addition to her work in calligraphy, she has designed more than twenty books and contributed to many publications as graphic designer, type designer, and illustrator.


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