Negar Nahidian

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A graduate of George Mason University, Negar Nahidian received her BA in Art Studio in 1997 and her MFA in Arts & Visual Technology in 2003. Working from her studio as a graphic designer, Her digital printmaking work was published inSecrets of Award-Winning Digital Artists: Creative Techniques and Insights for Photoshop, Painter and More (Wiley, 2002). Negar’s work incorporates classical Persian motifs and elements of style with modern design and technique, weaving together the aesthetics of East and West.

As an instructor, she works to establish an environment that fosters creativity, where students learn the foundation of design, the tools to express their artistic style and the acuity to critique and improve upon their work. As a graphic designer and educator with more than 20 years of experience, she imparts on students the importance of meeting deadlines, and what to anticipate working with potential clients.

In her free time Negar enjoys spending time with her family, drawing, mixed media art, typography, gardening, swimming and cooking healthy meals. No matter what she does design is always a part of it. 

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