Panel Discussion: Online & Onsite

Visual Storytelling: About Women, By Women

Panel 2/6 of the Revealing Recording Reflecting research project on women graphic designers from the SWANA region.

24 Mar 2022

The panel discussion: a hybrid format, onsite (Berlin) / online (world)

Moderated by: Dr. Yasmine Nachabe Taan (LAU)
With guest speakers: Dr Zadeh Fatehrad (Herstoriographies), Sahar Khraibani, Hala Al-Ani (Möbius Design Studio), Fatma Mansour & Sara Abu Ghazal (Shakmag)

This panel explores visual storytelling at the intersections of comics, illustration and print media. It looks into the practice of visual storytelling about women by women in the Arab region. The discussion will focus on how notions of gender identity and feminism are visually represented with a diversity of techniques and creative approaches. To pretend that the Arab world has undergone change in its approach to women's sexuality would be a misrepresentation. This panel seeks to address the different ways new emerging as well as established Arab female designers and visual producers bridge the personal and the political to develop stories that confront situations in their everyday life by using daring, experimental and creative approaches.


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The project was initiated by:
Dr. Huda AbiFarès, Dr. Bahia Shehab and Anja Lutz.

Lead researchers:
Dr. Huda AbiFarès, Dr. Yasmine Nachabe Taan, Dr. Bahia Shehab, and Soukeina Hachem.

The exhibition is co-curated by:
Anja Lutz (A—Z Presents) & Dr. Huda AbiFarès (Khatt Foundation).

Guest contributing researchers include:
Dr. Azadeh Fatehrad, Hala Al-Ani, Sahar Khraibani, Fatma Mansour, Sara Abu Ghazal, Noha Abou-Khatwa, Yara Khoury Nammour, Basma W. Hamdy, Lina Ghaibeh, Deena Mohamed, Sara Rizkallah, Dr. Roshanak Keyghobadi, Ghalia Elsrakbi, Dina Benbrahim and Maya Moumne. In addition to contributions made by numerous designers featured in the research.

A comprehensive publication will follow, edited by Dr. Huda AbiFarès, and published by Khatt Books in 2023. 

This project is generously supported by:
Khatt Foundation ( @khattfoundation, Khatt Books ( @khatt_books, The Arab Fund For Arts and Culture (AFAC) (, The Arab Council for Social Sciences (ACSS) ( through The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation ( @acss_org, and A—Z Presents (, and Khatt Chronicles @khatt_chronicle.