A—Z Presents

A—Z is dedicated to develop, showcase and promote ideas and projects in which graphic design goes beyond its boundaries and explores its more unconventional and experimental facets

A—Z is an independent space in Berlin with the mission of expanding the definition of graphic design by rethinking its limits and challenging traditional perceptions. At the storefront space, located in the heart of the city, inspiring graphic designers are invited to unfold their artistic, conceptual or formally experimental projects.

By showcasing individuals who are open to transposing the boundaries of their own practices, A—Z is setting a counterpoint to the predominant trends of over-specialization. The idea is to provide an transdisciplinary environment where graphic design enters into dialogue with other areas, such as contemporary art, cultural research and social engagement.

Featured contributions range from print, digital media, installation, performance, film, and a variety of other media and formats. They also cover a spectrum of topics, from typography and language, templates and hacking, to political and social questions, and many more. Each of the invited collaborators create works that reach beyond the commissioned and applied realm of graphic design.

The space also hosts talks, workshops and other events, in partnership with invited designers, initiatives, collectives and institutions worldwide. A—Z is an initiative of book designer Anja Lutz and The Green Box – Kunst Editionen.

Open Thursday 13:00–19:00
and by appointment

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  • Torstrasse 93
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