Khatt Chronicles Podcast : Season 2

Conversation with Naji El Mir

27 Apr 2023
31 Mar 2024

Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès interviews Lebanese-French Graphic Designer Naji El Mir about his beginnings in graphic design and animation. The discussion addresses the journey from homeland to becoming a successful independent designer in diaspora. The talk explores ideas on self-teaching, exploration of different media or techniques or aesthetics, following one’s passions, and engagement with one’s community and issues of social justice. Naji’s candid and humble retelling of his visions on the way and what he designs can be summed by his curiosity to learn in order to serve the requirements of a creative project keeping freestyle and hand-drawn arabic lettering as core element. Naji elaborates on these ideas through anecdotes and talking about specific projects that have left a mark on his life and career such as Typographic Matchmaking in the City, a design research project initiated and curated by the Khatt Foundation.

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