Naji El Mir

Graphic designer - Arabic & Latin typographer- animator.

Naji EL MIR - Naji El Mir

Naji El Mir is a French Lebanese graphic and type designer. After he graduated from the Lebanese American university with a BS in graphic design, he moved to Paris where he received a Masters degree in Interactive multimedia design from the Sorbonne university in Paris. Early in his career, he was involved in designing multilingual visual identities and logotypes, ever since his interest for the modernisation of Arabic typography kept on thriving. He collaborated with the Khatt Foundation in Amsterdam to design a bilingual typeface for the Typographic Matchmaking project. His work, known to blend influences from the visual cultures of Europe and the Arab world, was published in design books and he took part in several exhibitions from New-York to Tehran. Naji is now established in Paris where he co-founded studio Ne—Po.