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First of Series of Seminars on Sustainable Design

Due to unforseen circusmatnces, this event has been canceled.

The first in the Via Traffic series of seminars that intend to educate on how design can tackle one of our times most pressing issues. This series is even more relevant in a part of the world that is embarking on a period of development with a poor environmental track record.

Speakers will include Mark Radka (United Nations Environmental Program), Jeff Willis (ARUP & Green Building Council), and Zahed Sultan (En.v)

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• An event designed to raise awareness on the importance of being environmentally friendly with the focus on design
• Key international and local speakers
• Showcase of a green exhibition made entirely from recycled goods. Greenprint is an event created by Traffic to raise awareness of green issues in relation to design and will take place on the 20th of January at the gallery. The evening will start at 7pm and will involve a number of international bodies who will take the stage highlighting how development and design can be green.

Environmental events are taking place around the world including GLOBE, International Solar Cities and the WFES, which lead Rami Farook the founder of Traffic who understands the importance surrounding these issues to use the gallery as a platform to encourage discussion.

The seminars will take place on the evening of January the 20th, with guest speakers hosting presentations and workshops throughout. Each speaker will cover different aspects of design and how they themselves are working towards a greener future.

Traffic will also showcase an exhibition made entirely from recycled waste, which was originally created in Kuwait by local designers, the inspiration behind this idea came from EN.V a kuwait based magazine who used the exhibition to launch a brand. It will be displayed for the first time here in Dubai.


Mark Radka
Mark Radka is the head of the United Nations Environmental Program which aims to link global energy and environment agendas, much of which involves building partnerships between industry, governments, NGOs, and other groups. Mark will discuss and promote the initiatives of being green in design and encourage the mind set of designers to be green.

Zayed Sultan
Zayed the founder of en.v a publication exclusively dedicated to establishing regional awareness for environmental, educational, societal, corporate and governmental initiatives for a more though-conscious tomorrow. Compounded by artistic inspiration, en.v serves as a platform for personal commitment to the community and surroundings as well as an instrumental reference for corporate Arabia.

Jeff Willis
Jeff Willis the director of ARUP a global engineering firm which work on cutting edge sustainable design will talk about past and current projects his company has worked on and how they have designed buildings to be green. Arup is committed to the environments and communities they work in and this has always been the heart of Arup’s ethos. Jeff will discuss the important of this ethos and how it has lead to the companies success.

Many other leading figures will also take to the stage to discuss the current hot topic of being green, including, Reham Samerai from Equilibrium an environmental company based primarily in Kuwait and serving the Middle East region and The Cox Group an architectural company who focus on sustainable design throughout the world.

For more information on Greenprint please contact Lucy Freeman, +971.50.953.2344