Project Mulsaq, competition

The Khatt Design Collection of Wall Stickers

Reinvent our space, bring the Middle East home

The Khatt Design Collection Competition, a Limited Edition of Wall Stickers by Mosaiques

The Khatt Foundation and the trend-setting company Mosaiques, in collaboration with Dubai-based design gallery Traffic, are launching for the first time a wall stickers collection reflecting the multifaceted Middle Eastern identity.

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Wall stickers are the latest innovation in contemporary interior design. They democratise art by bringing it into ordinary people’s living spaces. Made from self-adhesive vinyl, wall stickers can be applied to various surfaces (walls, doors, windows, furniture and floor), giving a high-gloss painted look. At very affordable prices, they are the simplest way to revamp and decorate interiors. They help consumers create a personalized sense of place.

This design competition will therefore provide a platform for talented Khatt Network members to reach out to wider audiences within and outside the design world of Dubai, the Middle East and beyond.

Out of all submissions, 20 designs will be selected for a limited edition of 50 numbered pieces. The 20 designs will be produced and marketed under the label “Khatt Design Collection, a Limited Edition of Vynils by Mosaiques”, and will be exhibited at Traffic for three weeks from November 13th. The reputation of Traffic as ‘must stop shop’ for individuals and architectural/design firms, and its location near the up-market Mall of the Emirates makes it the perfect partner for the launch of this culturally sensitive and sought-after design product.

Who Can Participate?

To participate in this competition you must be an eligible Khatt Network member. If not then you are welcome to join and sign up on the website at www.khtt.net.

The Jury

The design competition will be curated and juried by a select group of Khatt Network members and savvy trend setters from the region:
• Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFares (Khatt Foundation Director, design/typography specialist. www.khtt.net)
• Rami Farook (Traffic, interior design specialist, www.viatraffic.org. Khatt Foundation Advisory Board member)
• Nadine Kanso (Artist and jewellery designer. Khatt Foundation Advisory Board member)
• Nada Debs (Nada Debs Design, furniture designer, www.nadadebs.com. Khatt Foundation Advisory Board member)
• Grace Yacoub (Zaman, cultural branding specialist, www.zaman.ae. Khatt Foundation Advisory Board member)
• Pascale Balze & Nathalie Helmer (Mosaiques, producers and resellers)


1. All design submissions must be emailed no later than the 1st of August 2008 to the following address: khatt.designcollection@gmail.com

2. Once the jury has made the selection, you will be notified by email no later than the 8th of August 2008.
3. Once selected and notified, you may be asked before the 1st of September 2008 to review the design preparation of the final artwork in order to fit production constraints as well as to provide additional material for the catalogue and exhibition.

Design Guidelines

The designs will be judged on their visual effect as well as their witty concepts and accomplished detailing. The selected and exhibited stickers will be marketed and sold by Mosaiques in Dubai and beyond. Each designer will receive 25% of the net margin on her/his design.
1. Design structure: Designs can be modular and flexible, to give the possibility for the end user to apply it in different ways according to his/her taste and interior.
2. Visual language: Designs can be educational (for children) or decorative and funky for young adults (or young at heart). Themes could include illustrations, cultural icons, architectural or natural landmarks, text (Arabic/Latin type or calligraphy), patterns, arabesque motifs etc….
3. Colour palette: Colours should reflect a bold and modern Middle Eastern colour palette, and should be limited to a maximum of 5 (solid PANTONE COATED colours).
4. Design dimensions: minimum 50x50cm, to maximum 180x160cm.
5. Submissions for each design (on the 1st of August) should:
— one illustrator file with the design in flat colors (5 colors maximum)
— have a title (or name),
— be accompanied by a short explanation of the design concept,
— include ideas/suggestions as to how it could be applied to interior spaces (if possible showing in an image the design applied to a photo of an actual room)
— include the name of the designer and a short biography (of no more than 500 words).
6. There is no limit to the number of entries per designer. If you have more than one good idea then send them to us.

ONCE THE DESIGN HAS BEEN SELECTED FOR PRODUCTION and inclusion in the Khatt Design Collection and exhibition, then you will be asked to submit files for production.
— Design files should be executed on 2 separate Adobe Illustrator files: one for black (vector) outlines, and one in the intended flat colours.
— Each color should be separated into its own file and the elements grouped, like a puzzle with about 1cm space between them to allow for comfortable peeling.
— To make the most cost-effective production you must minimise the number of sheets. You must separate the design into sheets of maximum 50x50cm.
we will guide you through the file preparation and technicalities when the time comes for making the files ready for production.

For further questions regarding the competition or submission of work, please contact huda.abifares@gmail.com