Wael Morcos

Graphic Designer

hamza-wael.jpg - Hamza (ء) is a letter in the Arabic alphabet, representing the glottal stop. My name in arabic is waءel. :-)

After receiving his BA in Graphic Design from the Notre Dame University (Lebanon), Wael Morcos joined the branding and design department of SAATCHI Beirut where he spent three years developing identities, bilingual typographic solutions and working in print and exhibition design. Meanwhile, his interest in Arabic Typography and its modern development got him involved in the Typographic Matchmaking projects where he teamed up with Dutch type designers to collaborate on designing bilingual typefaces. Wael uses language to investigate the formal qualities of words and their complex meanings. He is also interested in the moments where communication fails and uses its shortcomings to mine new ways to reach out and to tell stories.

His work has won several international design awards including the Dutch Design Award and the Core77 Award, and was the finalist for the Adobe Achievement Award. Wael's work has been exhibited in several design exhibitions including the Graphic Design Museum in the Netherlands, the Haus der Kunst in Munich and the Bastakiya Art Fair in Dubai. He represented risd at the INDABA Design Conference in South Africa and at the AIGA NYC Fresh Blood event.

Wael received his MFA in Graphic Design from the Rhode Island School of Design and is currently living and working in NYC.