Mohammad Bozorgi

Iranian artist works in calligraphy,visual and modern art

mohammad bozorgi - Mohammad Bozorgi

Born in Iran, Tehran 1978 | Momtaz(Outstanding/excellent) Degrees from Calligraphy Association of Iran, Tehran 2009| BA in Biomedical Engineering, Tehran 2002 |Executive MBA Degree from Industrial Management Institute, Tehran 2009

Group Exhibition:
IRAN Invocation Land: Munich 2010

In Remember of Master Roubakhsh: ART center Tehran 2011

Alternative Calligraphy: Homa Art Gallery Tehran 2011

Calligraphy: Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran 2012

The Next Generation OF Contemporary Iranian Calligraphy: Galerie Kashya Hildebrand Zurich, Switzerland

words unveiled : Geneva, Switzerland 2012

Islamic Museum in KualaLumpur, Malaysia

Solo Exhibition:
Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, 2012

ART Fairs:
Vienna Art fair, 2012
Abu Dhabi art fair,2012

Opera Gallery, Dubai, 2012
Ayyam Gallery, Dubai, 2013
Magic of Persia, London, 2013
Ayyam Gallery, Jeddah, 2013

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