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sultan maqtari - Sultan Maqtari

Sultan Maqtari is a typedesigner and a developer of font technology especially for Arabic script.
designed more than 60 Arabic typefaces.

The first to computerize the Old South Arabian Script (OSA] (Musnad) , for which received a certificate of recognition from Aden University.

In 2008 the proposal of the Old South Arabian Script (OSA) (Musnad) was approved by the international committee of American researchers and scientists that was submitted with the participation of Kamal Mansour (Monutayb) under the custody of California University, USA that was agreed to be included in the international standard code (Unicode).

Designed Ruq'ah Typeface (consists of two weights: Bold and light in OpenType format).

Contact information

  • Sultan Maqtari
  • Block36 / Al-Khalifa street / Al-Mansura
  • Aden
  • YE