Fenna Zamouri

Graphic Designer (Brussels)

- Zamouri Fenna

Fenna Zamouri (°1979) studied a master in graphic design at Sint Lukas Hogeschool (Brussels, Belgium) and specialized in typography at the Plantin Institute for Typography (Antwerp).

In 2006 she began working as a self-employed graphic designer while working for Ad!dict, an innovation platform for designers & industry. In 2008 she started another challenge for a graphic communication agency. These experiences motivated her in taking the challenge to a next level.

In 2010 started Fenna her own company, under her own name. In November 2012 she got the opportunity to create an arabic digital font in Dubai, with renowned typedesigners and calligraphers from the Middle Eastern region.

​The main focus of my work is corporate & editorial design with a strong feeling for content & typography. ​If you're looking for a designer with an opinion, don't hesitate to contact me.

My master project: VERWOORD
Judaism, Christianity and Islam, as distinct religions of the Word, through their common roots in the Old Testament, have an extremely problematical relationship with every kind of image culture. In spite of this ban, the image is ubiquitous and as a medium could not possibly banned from our society. In contrast, the word (typography) has had to live in the shadow of te image for too long.
"verwoord" is a graphical reflection of the competitive struggle between word and image through the image ban. Immersed in the laguages of the image ban, letters resemble people, laws destroy their image and fragments form an image of the word.

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