Vladimir Tamari (1942—2017)

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As a student at AUB around 1960 I was interested in the Bauhaus and felt the Arab world deserves a similar design revolution. Influenced by Eric Gill's book 'Typography' and his type-design 'Gill Sans Serif' I designed AlQuds lettering/ font and patented an idea for unified letter endings (UK 1963 see my website) and published an article about Arabic typography in 1972. Only recently have I started making AlQuds into a reality as a font. I appreciate your help and support and am amazed at this flourishing of Arabic typography.

It is with great sadness that we inform you about the loss of Vladimir Tamari, scientist and designer (of AlQuds font), who passed away on August 10 2017 at the age of 75, in Tokyo Japan where he resided with his family.

Please keep Vladimir Tamari in good memory.

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