Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès

TMM2.0—Work stages and Deadlines

Meetings/Workshops/Design Stages

The project is to start officially as of the 6th of February 2009, and to end by the 30th of
September 2010. The following stages of the project are planned as follows:

6-8 February 2009, in Amsterdam | First meeting and project introduction

This meeting will be a 3-day series of presentations made by each designer introducing their work and intentions for participating in the projects. Information will be presented regarding the project in its entirety, the Arabic script (with practical information on type design), the Arab and Dutch culture, the specific sites that will be researched as potential locations where the final public art/intervention will take place. Some exchange of ideas and concepts, sketching/work sessions will be programmed in this 3-day workshop (project launch meeting).

Prior to this meeting the architects will each undertake a preliminary research that studies the conditions and the way people live in the urban setting of the specific potential sites they may choose to work on n their respective cities. They are to identify the history and experience of the site, then map the narratives of the site to understand its unique characteristics and problems, and finally to define possible solutions for pubic art interventions and ideas.

This will be followed by a period of designing and sketching (until 12 Mar 2009).

The Dutch designer and their Arab/Iranian counterpart will meet and work intensely together on developing the concept for their fonts; researching (inventory of existing vernacular Arabic & Latin lettering and street signs, analyzing the problem…etc) sketching and developing the visual characteristics that will be carried through in the Arabic & Latin fonts (devising an appropriate approach or visual solution).

12- 22 March 2009, in Dubai | Second meeting and revision of design concepts

This second meeting will be roughly 1 months later, where the concepts and developments by each team are presented (sketches, concepts, troubleshooting sessions). This 1-week trip is planned with fieldtrips to key locations and public presentations. The purpose is both to familiarize the Dutch designers with (give them insight into) this 'other culture' as well as build up momentum and reputation for the project. We would also explore implementing rapid interventions to test ideas on site in Dubai, understand their effectiveness and feasibility, and look into incorporating different possible technologies for the final pieces.

This will be followed by a period for the design of the whole character set (Arabic and Latin) in one weight or variant (30 Mar-2 Jul 2009). This phase will involve the finalizing of the design of the whole character set (Arabic and Latin) in one weight or variant. Each team of two will work separately and exchange comments and drawings via e-mail, some of these sketches and discussions can be posted on this Khatt Foundation 'virtual project space: typomatch2.0, project, as a way to share the design process and possible common design issues with the rest of the participating designers.

25-27 September 2009, in Amsterdam | Third meeting and presentation of the semi-final to preliminary designs

The third meeting would be again in The Netherlands, consisting of the presentation of the final designs. This will be the official halfway evaluation of the project and will amount to a 3-day workshop. The design teams can then prepare to discuss their process and present their final designs, work together to solve certain design and technical issues, discussing possible prototypes that can support the fonts in the built environment and making models and experimenting with materials. This meeting will include an intensive 3-day prototyping workshop, with staff support and lightweight machines and non-toxic recycled material.

This will be followed by a period for the revision and refinement of the final design of the fonts (5 Jul—5 Nov 2009). The Dutch designer and their Arab/Iranian counterpart will meet and work intensely together on the refinement of the final design of the fonts and on testing the appearance of both weights/variants.

5 Nov - 15 Dec 2009 | The final execution of the fonts and lettering systems and testing period

This final technical phase will consist of design refinements and execution of the fonts and lettering systems, and testing final results.

5 Jul 2009 – 15 Feb 2010 | The design for the book/publication documenting the project.

This is also the period to start the design of the exhibition and final presentation of the

15 Dec 2009 - 15 February 2010 | The presentation of the fonts in appropriate designs

The presentation of the fonts in appropriate designs will start. This phase will also include
the final design applications to the site and an exploration of materials and techniques for
the execution and installation of the work at the site.
In addition documenting the process of sketching and making the prototypes, applying the
lettering prototypes on site (in specific locations in the city) and the interaction with the
public, to be delivered in images and text for use in the book. Also allowing for possible
meetings and additional interviews for the making of the documentary film.

15 Feb - 15 Mar 2010 | The delivery of the final Arabic fonts

Within this period the final Arabic fonts and all related materials of the project must be delivered as final products by the designers. These will be used for the final making of the book and as material for the exhibition.

15 June 2010, in Amsterdam & 15 October 2010, in Dubai | 4th and final meeting will be the official launch and public presentation of the project

This final public presentation of the project and exhibition will be planned as site specific installations and possibly talk about relevant subjects related to the projects. Relevant educational workshops (for a larger public) can be planned to coincide with it and have some thematic relation to the project.