Khalid Shahin

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Khalid Shahin is a full time artist, sculptor and product designer. Through time he tried to combine and integrate Text-Art, typography and Arabic calligraphy with his abstract paintings as well as his unique sculptures.

With more than 30 years in the field of media and advertising and mainly in corporate identity branding and packaging . Mr Shahin creates spaces with fluid and unstable boundaries employing his unique vision to the beauty of the Arabic Calligraphy as an outstanding inspiration material and tool, in its infinitely subtle, curves and intricate patterns.  He believes that Forms in nature become a language in the geometry of consciousness at every scale and it is from this diversity of phenomenal lifeforms that Art emerges. And because he is self taught, though his ongoing education consists of a lifelong dedication to the intricate study of new techniques and methods.

Originally am from Jordan but I live in Dubai, UAE.