Lulu Rocka

Keep it simple.

From having experimented with art projects at a very young age with the influence of her Hungarian-artist grandmother to practicing freelance design, Lulu Chammaa has always filled her life with art. She grew up in over 7 countries spanning the West and East, and has had the opportunity to absorb various languages, cultures, views, and traditions, all of which she applies to her work when it comes to designing and interacting with international clients.

In 1998 Lulu earned her Associates in Advertising Art from the prestigious Lebanese-American University, and from there moved to Houston, TX to join the Art Institute of Houston and major in Multimedia-Web Design. It was an experience that exposed her to motion graphics, 3D rendering as well as video editing and sound production. She received her Associates of Science degree in addition to having been awarded second-place in Best of Portfolio Show.

Her next stop was Los Angeles, where she furthered her education at the Art Institute of Los Angeles to eventually earn a Bachelors of Science in Web Design. Upon graduating, she worked in digital menu-design and created artwork, flash animation and motion graphic interstitials for corporate giants such as Carl's Junior, Little Cesar's, and PepsiCo. It wasn't long before Hollywood beckoned, and she eventually turned her talents to the entertainment industry, creating websites as well as working in film promotion for independent production companies and studios.

In 2005, she moved to Kuwait to work as a creative designer in Advertising, and gained further knowledge of the Advertising industry first hand by working closely with house-hold brands like Volvo, Eastpak, Bosch, KIA, and Nolte Kitchens.

Having since taken the freelance route, Lulu recently founded 99 Ways as a means of pursuing her love of design and travel.

These days, she has relocated to Jordan and is the creative designer at Islamica Magazine.