Karl Bassil

Creative Director – Managing Partner

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A tried and true designer educated in Brussels, Karl has been leading the agency since its inception. He is an obsessive perfectionist and a typography fanatic, takes special interest in strategy development, and has a particular knack for object design, woodworking and collecting modernist furniture. He is also author, educator, and family man.

Mind The Gap is an independent design and communication agency operating since 1993. Our across-the-board expertise covers everything from branding and communication, to signage, packaging, web, publication and exhibition design, as well as writing and editorial services. From our base in Beirut, we collaborate with local, regional and international clients spanning a wide range of corporate, commercial, cultural, institutional and governmental sectors. Liberated from a signature style, our work is defined by clarity of purpose and the critical approach we have to our profession. Here's our take on things.

Contact information

  • Karl Bassil
  • Émile Rayes Bldg., 6th Floor 14 Youssef Hani Street, Saifi
  • 2029 4403
  • Beirut
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