Danny Khoury

Experimental Graphic Designer

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DANNY KHOURY is an experimental graphic designer, specialized in print: branding, packaging, and product design; involved in web design, animation, installation, photomontage, and illustration; and interested in architecture, music, and cinematography… He believes that design is not a commercial end in itself, but rather an experimental process to establish and to communicate to people visually compelling brand identities and forms, which in turn attract the mind of the viewer in a consumer world.

Khoury was born and studied in Beirut. He started his career working – for 6 years – at Med K&K, advertising and marketing, on corporate identities and various types of printed artwork, in addition to advertising campaigns including billboards, magazines, and TV ads. He is currently a consultant at TagBrands, branding and design; an associate creative designer at DISCURSIVE FORMATIONS; and, an instructor at the Hariri Canadian University.

Contact information

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