joe hatem

Type Designer, Instructor

JH Fonts -

JH fonts has been involved in type design for the past nine years with the following work experience:

1- Arabic pixel fonts, newspapers and magazines (i.e. exclusive fonts).
2- Arabic fonts design, additional samples shown on More typefaces are available but not shown on Behance.
3- Arabic transliteration font, in progress.
4- Advanced Latin kids cursive fonts design.
5- Arabic type workshop, which includes logos design / fontlab / Arabic type.....
6- Existing fonts support, diacritic positioning repair and updates per clients request.
7- languages support: Latin, Arabic, Syriac, Kurdish, Farsi and Urdu.
8- calligraphic handwriting successful integration into fontlab, by means of multibase lines and extra glyphs when needed.

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joe hatem
mobile: +961 3 303935

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