Muhammad ElMahdy / Qāf Studio

Calligrapher / Founder Of Qāf Studio Foundation

Mahdy - Muhammad ElMahdy / Qāf Studio

Muhammad ElMahdy, AKA (Mahdy), Calligrapher and Typography Designer, founder of Qāf Studio Foundation (Arab Arts Center) based on Cairo, Egypt. My main focus upon Calligraphy, Lettering, Typography and Branding. I pay lots of attention to freestyle, modern techniques and Mixing Classic Beauties with Modern Styles. I had my own ways to make Calligraphy Branding for elite usage.
Using wide range of writing tools with a Passion of Calligraphy, Harmony and Expressive style.

Qaf Studio
Educational Foundation For Arabic Typography

Qaf is a Design Studio dedicated and specialized in advancing Arabic typography designs and researches, founded by Artist Muhammad ElMahdy, who is also the Creative Director. We are working on Non-Profit projects to provide Arabic typography and type designers with supportive references to enrich the Arab Arts content and visual communications in the Middle East and World Wide.

Qaf = Is The 21th Letter in the Arabic Alphabet, which " Qaf " means in Arabic language " Strength and Balance ".

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