Mohammed Lguensat

Graphic artist & type designer

Amazigh cursive letter Z - (my proposed) Lower-case letter form for Tifinagh character Z. Mohammed Lguensat

My name is Mohammed Lguensat, I am a graphic designer and researcher in typography. I live and teach art in the region of Marrakech, Morocco. Over the last decade I designed many fonts, mostly for Tifinagh (Amazigh/Berber) script.

My most important work is my research of a cursive script for the long-forgotten Tifinagh letters, i.e. addressing the ergonomic aspects of the script. This end in mind, I performed a comparative study on the cursive phenomenon as it manifests in diverse writing systems over time as to reveal, as much as possible, the modus operandi of that amazing graphic tendency. The study was published as the book “ Aménagement Graphique de Tifinaghe” by the IRCAM (Institut Royal de la Culture Amazighe). The book includes as well my proposed cursive and lower-case forms for Tifinagh letters. I designed several fonts as an illustration to these findings.
And the quest is still on…

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