Mirvat Ghanem

- Mirvat Ghanem, Editor l'Officiel Mirvat Ghanem

Mirvat Ghanem, 38, is the Editor for L’Officiel Magazine the only Arabic high end Fashion Magazine. Under her portfolio, Mirvat manages the Editorial team and editorial contents and budgeting of the magazine. Mirvat is holding A Master in journalism and has an interesting background and experience working in different publication and TV Channel, and finally being one of the judges in the Dubai Ladies club – Oriental red carpet Event. Mirvat had worked in several publications between Dubai and Beirut. Before joining ITP, Mirvat worked for Al Sada Magazine, In Lebanon Mirvat worked for Azyaa Magazine (Arabic fashion magazine), as Editor in chief in the same time Mirvat used to hold the same position for Décor Magazine one of the popular Décor Magazine in the region, Mirvat also worked as Business writer for several publications in GCC. Beside that Mirvat had worked in ART TV & Dubai TV as producer & presenter for several program. Relying on what can only be read as immense confidence in herself and high risk taking ability. Mirvat is an avid reader and enjoys listening to Classic music in her spare time.

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