Amir Karimian

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Amir Karimian is an independent graphic designer and visual artist who lives and works in Iran. He studied graphic design and currently he is a university lecturer.
His visual expression in dealing with the morphology of the writings is quite formalistic. His forms are created with the origin of the written form and the expression of personal feeling is evident in his works.
His works are formed under the influence of nature and sensitivity to the phenomena and events around him, and his visual expression has a different approach from other artists. He uses visual factors to transform external realities into works of art and when he reflects these facts with the language of art, their effect going beyond reality itself.

His works have been displayed in different international biennials and poster exhibitions:
15th International Poster Biennial of Mexico-2020 | International Poster Biennial of Ecuador-2020| 10th International Bolivia Poster Biennial 2019 | International Typomania Poster Annual-2019 | International Poster Biennial of Goldenbee Russia-2018 | 10th International Tranava Slovakia Poster Quarterly-2018 | 14th International Poster Biennial of Mexico-2018 | Ecuador International Poster Biennial -2018 | 20th International Lahti Poster Biennial of Finland-2017 | International Poster Biennial of Goldenbee Russia-2016 | International Poster Biennial of Goldenbee Russia- 2014 | Netherlands International Poster Exhibition (Oriental Designs)-2019 | China International Environment Day Poster International Exhibition-2019 | China International Design Week Poster Exhibition-2019 | International Typomania Russia Poster Exhibition-2017 | Turkish International Poster Exhibition entitled Iranian Look-2013 | Bardio Slovakia International Poster Exhibition-2019 | Solo poster exhibition: Sanandaj - Surah Gallery-2018