Hassan Ch

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Attention to detail, experience, and innovation are the qualities of any good designer. Add patience and solid computer skills, and you have an ambitious individual. I have these skills and hope to put them to work.
As a university student, I always felt that I should be contributing my talents in arts to young individuals, and this paid off when I obtained a job as an art instructor to preschool students in 2004, and until this day this positions fulfills me. Furthermore, I have always had a fascination with Architecture, and design. This curiosity in turn has enriched my mind, and pushed me to study interior design and obtain a B.S. in this field, as well as a minor in fine arts. Since my last year at university while finishing my minor in Fine Arts, I have been working as a full time Interior Designer at End Solution Studio s.a.l. My intentions when applying was for an internship position, but remarkably enough I was offered a full time job, which came as a turning point in my maturity with regards to design. I find that I have grown faster than any fresh graduate due to this experience, also due to the fact that I had the experience prior to working at End Solution studio.
All aspects of Design intrigue me, whether its furniture design, web design, product design or interior design. Attention to detail, experience, patience, and initiative - these are the qualities of an individual striving to make a name for themselves. They are qualities I possess.

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