Joanna Choukeir

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Communication designer for social change

I was born in Lebanon in 1982 in the middle of the Lebanese Civil War. I lived most of my childhood in Lebanon, and at the end of the Civil War, moved with my family to Washington D.C. where my father was sent on a mission at the Lebanese Embassy.

Back to Lebanon, I completed my Secondary Education in Experimental Sciences at Saint Joseph School and my BA in Graphic Design at Notre Dame University, during the relatively peaceful gap of 1996 to 2004. For three years following graduation, I founded :. There for Design ..., a freelance design studio, was employed in the design department of Mediapak, Indevco Group, witnessed the 2005 serial bombings, participated in the 2005 serial demonstrations, backpacked around Europe by train and experienced the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Gradually, I developed an interest in researching about the conflict in Lebanon through two areas that I had acquired most experience in: Design and politics. In 2007, I moved to London and completed my MA in Graphic Design with distinction, at the University of the Arts London. My MA thesis and project, Visual Politics, is published on www.111101net/projects/visualpolitics

Moving on to PhD, I am currently developing communication design methods for integrating youth groups from different social groups in Lebanon. Updates on the PhD research can be visited on

I am currently also working as lead designer with Uscreates, a social design company in London, and assisting in the Learning Zone at the University of the Arts London.

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