Michel Verheem

Wayfinding Strategist

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Wayfinding theory fanatic, dromomaniac and food lover

I am director of Information Design Laboratory.

ID/Lab specialises in solving wayfinding problems. Much of our work has focused on developing Information strategies for organisations that have to communicate complex processes to a broad audience -often under demanding conditions- such as hospitals, airports, public transport systems and urban environments.

The dictionary describes information design as ‘defining, planning and shaping the contents of a message and the environment it is presented in, with the intention of achieving particular objectives in relation to the needs of users’.
Simply put, we look at what information needs to be displayed where, and what is the best way to get this information noticed, read, understood, remembered and acted upon.

Our services include development of wayfinding strategies, signage scheduling, information audits, task analysis, research and testing, strategic planning, documentation and performance specifications for wayfinding, interpretive, information and directional signage projects.

Contact information

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  • 6 Spink Street
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