Mahwish Ehsan

Working at my studios - Really happy doing my sculpture Geometric design... Nafs-ur-Rehman. Mahwish Ehsan

Being a wanderer and a business student turned Islamic Artist Mahwish Ehsan finds an immense interest in the depiction of the ultimate Sacred reality which is common to all religions by virtue of Geometric Art. Kick starting her art practice by a detailed research on Metaphysics relating to Sufiism and later connecting all the aspects to Geometric art she now practices Platonic Form as hollow sculptures with extensive geometric art carved on them in Terracotta - ceramics the most natural medium thus celebrating nature in her own style.

Amalgamating all the factors of her research she works her entire practice on a series of her own that she termed as “Unity in Diversity” whose theme is not alien to any human and as Bhagwat Gita also narrates it as “They worship me as One and as many, because they see that all is in me.”

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