Neda Tavallaee

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Women in the middle east have always had a sense of mystery about them. Whether it’s because of the culture that has always required them to hide their faces, emotions and thoughts or the taboos forced upon them through time .
Therefore art has always been one of the few doors that could open a way for their voices to be heard .Through art they have been able to tell forbidden stories of love, hate ,great injustice and the mighty struggle they endure in order to be seen and heard.
I tell my version of this story through painting .As it is the most honest form of storytelling I know .It frees me of the complications around me and through art I can be liberated from all that harasses me in life and make even the most horrifying of experiences beautiful.
As an artist the most rewarding sensation is to be heard ,seen and felt through my work. Hopefully it is so.

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