Ali Abulhasan

a - Seeking Light is book about my experience and thoughts during a poetry reading of a French poem written by an Algerian poet during the French occupation. The poem was read by a French lady and two Algerians in City Lights, which is a well known independent bookstore committed in preserving the diversity of voices and ideas in San Francisco, CA.

Strongly believe in the importance of design by all its forms and/or means

A Graduate from the University of San Francisco, and earned a BS degree ('05) in Business Administration with a double emphasis in Marketing and Accounting, including a minor in Graphic Design. My strong interest in visual arts and communication design began during my studies in the United States.

I started observing the lack of such design implementation in local businesses after working in Kuwait (since '06). This includes the lack of emphasis and/or importance of the Arabic typeface currently being used by businesses (in Kuwait) in various means of communication.

Currently I head the business, product, marketing, and system development at PetroNet Kuwait. As a Business Development Manager, it is required from myself to interact with engineers, programmers, application developers, web designers, graphic designers, marketing and business strategists.

As part of my interaction and coordination with people of different skilled backgrounds, I therefore try to implement design and its various means or forms under visual arts and communication, engineering and system, and also including business operation and management.