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Inner Structures — Outer Rhythms

Contemporary Arab & Persian Graphic Design

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The growing interest in graphic design from the less-known parts of the world has grown in recent years. The work of designers from around the globe is gaining attention. The power of graphic design and typography to com- municate social change, local cultural concerns, and universal human and environmental challenges has become central to global design discourse. The diversity of graphic expression in Arab and Persian graphic design is linked by the creative use of the Arabic letterforms, often in playful and experimental ways that feature fluid calligraphic designs, structured geometric composi- tions, or an intricate and unexpected mix of both.

This book focuses on Arab and Persian contemporary design and highlights the works of a select group of exceptionally talented designers from various countries of the Southwest Asia and North Africa (SWANA) region, and its diaspora. It charts exciting aesthetic trends that reflect the specificities of Arab, Persianate, and Islamic visual culture, and presents contemporary designs that respond to current events and sociopolitical concerns. The book covers four broad themes: “beyond Arabic calligraphy,” “visualizing rhythm in poetry and music,” “type and lettering for political activism,” and “designing for culture and the arts.” It consists of short essays that delve deeper into the book’s main themes. In addition, the essays are interspersed with short interviews with some designers, spotlighting their particular design approach and practice. The book is highly illustrated by the works of the featured thirty-three designers and design studios, and their collaborators. It is a kalei- doscopic presentation of the cacophony of voices and creative explorations.

Inner Structures — Outer Rhythms
is a visual testimony to the vibrant and culturally rooted design scene in and from the SWANA region.
This publication is sponsored in part by the Boss Foundation and the Khatt Foundation, and supported by Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD).
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Inner Structures — Outer Rhythms, Contemporary Arab & Persian Graphic Design

Author:Huda Smitshuijzen AbiFarès (ed.)
Published by: Khatt Books (Amsterdam, 2024)
ISBN: 978-94-90939-32-8
Edition: 184 p, ills colour, 17 x 24 cm, Soft cover with flaps
Price: 22,50