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Ruh al-Alam at show - Ruh al-Alam

Founding artist of Visual Dhikr, practising calligraphy/typography to represent and reflect spiritual messages.

Born in London, of Bangladeshi origin, Ruh al-'Alam is a young graduate in illustration and graphic design, from Central Saint Martins. He works in a variety of mediums including illustration, film, audio, interactivity and photography.

His founded Visual Dhikr in 2003, concentrating on the spiritual element in remembrance of God and contemplation of His Creation . This is often depicted in calligraphic artwork and painting.

The work involves the usage of his own Arabic scripts, with a contemporary graphic design influence; therefore many of the pieces go through a digital process at some stage. The work is often displayed as oil/acrylic paintings, art prints, screen prints or projections.

He also founded, and currently runs, his own design studio Make Believe ( from London.

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