Syria Inside Out

Syrian short films and videos at OpenEyes Filmfest, Marburg, Germany, 25th July 2008, Traumakino, G-Werk, Marburg. Program curated and presented by Charlotte Bank

25 juil 2008
25 juil 2008

Despite the relative seclusion of Syria in the past and the often heard critique of the Syrian art scene as backward minded and conservative, young artists and especially film and video makers are increasingly claiming their share of attention at international festivals and exhibitions. Syrian film and video makers of the young generation show a great commitment and will to investigate issues of importance of modern Syrian society, such as the conflict between modernity and tradition, gender roles and the impact of political and social conflicts and restrictions on the lives of ordinary people.

The films and videos of this program were selected on the basis of their distinctiveness and representativity. They represent very personal artistic statements and show a great dedication of the artists to their society and work. Each offers a unique insight into a fascinating country and society, a country that is all too often misrepresented in Western media.

Featured artists are: Diana El-Jeiroudi, Joude Gorani, Inas Hakki, Ammar Al-Beik, Samir Barkawi, Rami Farah